Francesca Romano

An extraordinary artistic talent

Francesca was born in 1960 in Mileto (Vibo Valentia). Her family moved to Milan when she was eight.

In 1983 she graduated in Production Design at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and immediately began a long collaboration with RAI and Mediaset.

She soon manifested a great artistic taste, working in some of the most prestigious RAI productions, including Salvatore Nocita's I Promessi Sposi.
In 1993 she designed her first movie set: Servo d’amore by S. Bolchi. That was the beginning of an intense activity in fiction and movies that gave her the chance to work with Ugo Gregoretti in Il conte di Monte Cristo, Nicolò Bongiorno in Rocco and Mauro Campiotti in Magdalene's Song.

She also collaborated with the advertising agency Armando Testa, the production company Controcampo and major directors including T. Wrenn, D. Deveson and E. Cacciari.

In 1996 she started exploring sculpture. Interviewed by a recognized art magazine, she said: "The intimate relation I establish with clay is something magic. Shaping, feeling the clay in my hands is an ancestral taste. What a pleasure getting the hands dirty in working it! Through my hands I can express myself freely, transferring to the clay my emotions."

Her first solo exhibition is dated 2009. Her sculptures give voice to forgotten women and children, victims of violence and abuses.